Things You Don’t Need to Feel Guilty About

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Some people try to manipulate you by making you feel guilty about what you are doing. There are things you should feel guilty about but here is a list of things you should not let people make you feel guilty about.

  1. Doing what is right.

  2. Taking time to think about your response.

  3. Ending a toxic relationship.

  4. Taking time for yourself.

  5. Saying no.

  6. Standing for the truth.

  7. Not taking sides in an argument.

  8. Being your own person.

  9. Following your dreams.

  10. Having an opinion.



If people would stop listening to what Republican and Democratic politicians say about themselves and actually look at how they vote they would see that there is as much difference between them as between a deer tick and a wood tick.

You want to change this then vote. Make your voice heard. The more people involved with the our political process the better we can make this country.

How To Find A Church

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Finding a church is not a hard thing to do. God has created many different styles of churches so that you can find one that you fit in.

  1. You could go to to find a list of churches in your area. I recommend them because my church is a part of that domination. However that does not mean that every church they show you is a good one and there are plenty of good churches not on this search site.

  2. Start with the church closets to you. A church is not a building it is a group of people called out by God to serve Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. As such the people should be friendly. Visit the church two or three times. Because even a body of believers can have an off Sunday. If after a couple of Sundays and prayer you are sure it is not right then move on to the next church.

  3. The message should come from the Bible. A pastor’s calling is to feed the flock and the only food good for the sheep of God is the word of God. When it comes to preaching there a many different styles that still teach what the Bible says. You want a pastor that you understand.

  4. Music styles differ from church to church. The most important aspect is that you feel free to praise God.

This post is really for a Christians searching for a church home. If you think, “I don’t want to go to church” or “why would any one want to be apart of a church” then I suggest you start here. Then if you have more questions go here.



MoviePass has expired. I never really thought it was going to survive. Movie chains are huge and it was to easy for them to change their model to adapt lessons learned from MoviePass. Movie chains are going to have to change as many people like me would just prefer to watch a movie in the comfort of their own home on their big screen with their inexpensive popcorn and drink. The last movie I went to had like 10 minutes of commercials before the movie started. I am not talking about the ones they run while you wait for the start time. The movie was scheduled to start at 2:30 but it did not start until 2:40.

Uber is on the same path. They have never made money. Last I knew they were still paying half the cost of people’s rides. I think they hoped for self driving cars to save them but they will not be here soon enough to save Uber. Perhaps Uber will last just long enough to force the taxi to adopt Uber’s improvements.


I have unfollowed everyone but a few relatives on Facebook.


Why did I unfriend everyone?


I have had problems with Facebook for years. It doesn’t show me post I am interested in. I get a great deal of fluff that just buries good content. People would ask me face to face did I see something they posted. No I didn’t. Facebook never showed it to me. I would have to go to their page to see it.

I have almost stopped using Facebook and rarely post. I prefer to post to my website I don’t do a lot of posting anyway.

I would delete my Facebook account but I have to have one so I can manage the churches page. I considered deleting my account and creating a new one.

I loath Facebook messenger. I can’t find any way to turn it off. The only way to stop people from using it to contact me is to unfriend them. Some of you need to watch what links you are clicking on as some apps are posting on your behalf to Facebook messenger and sending people spam.


Today I checked and I had almost 300 friends. I thought man I need to clean this up. I think I found I was following 4 dead people. Several of my friends had multiple accounts. I have no idea which one was real and which one was a bot. Probably a lot of the unwanted fluff was coming from the bot ones. I was following people I did not even know. I also was following people I had just meet once. Some of this was from back in the day when I use to friend everyone who sent me a request. There were people I was following that had deactivated their accounts (I don’t blame them). And some people had over 2,500 friends. I bet they have never saw any of my post.

I started by trying to selectively unfriend, like the bots, the dead and the don’t knows. As I started unfriending people it became easier and easier. Finally I just decided that I would unfriend everyone except a few close relatives. Now I am down to 26 friends on Facebook. I am still considering unfriend all them except my wife. At least that way I want miss any of her post.

I will miss some of the people that I unfriended. Particular my old high school friends as Facebook was the only contact I had with them. But I am still part of the class group. I am going to see if that is sufficient.