This is a blog about anything. My loves include my Lord Jesus, my family, the Bible, computing, gadgets, astronomy and photography. But mostly it will be about things in life that triggers an urge to write.


There is no greater sword than the Word of God, have Bible will travel. If you want a calm cool discussion on the Bible, what it means, and how it applies to your life I am you guy. Particularly if you want to know about genuine Christianity as opposed to venom hate shouters who public news sites always seem to find to put on display.


Computers, phones and the internet are a lot of fun to play with. I enjoy talking and teaching about technology as much as I do about Jesus. I even assist people and non-profits in setting up there internet presence. By the way there is no better database program for the average user than FileMaker.


We live in a really awesome universe and I enjoy to study it. Science and Christianity are not enemies they are friends. They both are in search of the truth.

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