Peek Into A Pastor's Life

When I worked for a large corporation by in the 1990’s I often looked forward to Fridays and sometimes dreaded the coming Mondays as many people today do. (I liked my job so I did not dread going back to work all the time.) As a pastor for the last 8 years my week has changed. Sunday is the new Monday. It is often my busiest day. By the time Sunday evening service is over I am tired. I understand why many pastor take Monday off. My work week tends to be Sunday through Thursday and sometimes a little on Friday and Saturday.

Don’t think that I am complaining. I just saying that it is very different than what I was use to in the corporate world. When you contemplate on it many people have non corporate world schedules. Like fireman, police officers, waitresses, hospital workers and many more that don’t fit in to the Monday through Friday 8 to 5 form.