Compassion Versus Compensation

Have you given any real thought to the health care crisis? Let me cause you to contemplate on one of the base problems. Our compassion dictates laws that require the medical field to treat emergency medical condition even if the patient does not have the money to pay for it. Our sense of compensation dictates that doctors, nurses and hospitals deserve to be paid. After all they have families that they need to support.

Medical cost increase so that those that can pay pay for those that can’t pay. Higher cost means less can afford insurance. This leads to less people that can pay. So cost rises more to cover the growing number that can’t pay. Health care is in a spiral of death. Now there is a lot other issues that increase the speed of the spiral but so long as we demand medical coverage without providing a way to pay for it there will be a health care crisis.

We could remove the required emergency medical coverage but that is considered inhuman. We could increase taxes to pay for medical coverage but the federal government has already proven they can’t manage money. So what is the solution? Well it is not one that will make everyone happy.