The Life of an Ice Cream Scoop

The other day I was in a cafeteria when I noticed that there was an ice cream scoop in the chicken salad. I could just imagine that scoop thinking “What I am doing here? I am suppose to be in a Baskin-Robbins serving ice cream.” Life is like that. Sometimes we find ourselves in a place that we had not planed on. Maybe for you it is your career and you think this is not want I wanted to do. Hold up and take deep breath and contemplate this God has not left you.

Maybe scooping chicken salad is not as glamorous as working at Baskin-Robbins for ice cream scoops but it is not any less important. God knows where you are and the plans you make but even more important He knows what you need and where He needs you. So the next time your having a pity party about how your life is not as planed remember if you doing your best for God then you are doing just fine. Try to spend a little more time on enjoying the life that you have.