Tradition College May Be Overrated

The U.S. may be over enthusiastic about the importance of traditional college education. I am not saying college is wrong for there are some careers that require more training than you get in high school. There are a lot of careers where college does not make a difference.

This past week I read of a young lady that is $120,000 in debt for a B.S. degree in Business Administration and can only find a minimum wage job. That is just terrible. She should have had enough education out of high school to know that is not a good deal. She has the equivalence of a small home loan with no home. But even more so her college should be ashamed for pushing the loan forms and driving her that deep into debt. Even with a good starting job it would be hard for her to pay that debt.

Some may argue that is just the cost of going to college. I say for that much debt you would be better off finding job, taken night courses and working you way up. After four years you would be further ahead than she is. Her story has made me contemplate how I will counsel my children.