Have you ever contemplated the effectiveness of advertisements? I have a strange feeling that commercials are not nearly as effective as some promote. A 60 minute TV show has about 18 minutes of commercials. I find it so annoying that I would rather wait a year and watch the show on DVD than sit through the commercials. Perhaps I am just in an age group that does not respond well to advertisements but it is hard for me to imagine that most advertisements are worth the money. It is an investment verses return issue.

Apparently a lot of people have faith in advertising. By my own ruff calculations 30% of TV, 50% of newspaper and 70% of magazines are advertisements. When you think about it, most content providers like TV networks, news papers, radios stations, magazines and internet search engines are really just advertisement companies. The sole purpose of their content is to attract people to the commercials. I wonder how long they will continue if I represent the average effectiveness of advertising?