Grace and Mercy

Two great attributes of God that we should give thanks for is grace and mercy. Mercy is wonderful. Basically mercy from God means that you do not get what you deserve. Our whole lives we do things that on the grand scale should be punished by God. We deserve a very severe
punishment but because He is merciful we do not get what we deserve.

Grace is astounding. Basically grace from God means that you get what you do not deserve. There is nothing that we have every done that demands that God to allow us to be in His eternal presence. Nothing! And yet because He is a gracious God he will permit us to be in His presence and enjoy Him for eternity. Of course both grace and mercy from God are available only through belief in Jesus Christ the Lord  and repentance towards God.

But I want you to contemplate is that you being in the image of God should also practices grace and mercy towards your fellow man. For in so doing you glorify God and honor His presence in you.