Is Earth Over Populated, Not Yet.

Sometimes people say the darnedest things without thinking about what they are saying. Recently a scientist/politician (I don't remember exactly) suggested that one cause of global warming is over population and that we need to enact a world wide one child per family policy. Now there is slightly less than 7 billion people in the world and slightly more than 7 trillion square feet in Texas. Rough math shows that If we moved everyone in the world to Texas each person would have a 1000 square feet to themselves. Now that is ridicules why would everyone want to live in Texas. The world is a lot bigger than Texas. The problem is not that the world is over populated. It is that certain cities are just really congested. Most of the world is not populated at all. I suspect a darker motive for a world wide one child per family policy. Certainly not global warming or over population but you think about.