The Penny Has Got to Go.

I do believe that our money has so inflated that it is time for the penny to be gone. You can drop a penny on the side walk and chances are that nobody will stop and pick it up. I have dropped a penny and decided it was not worth the chase. Many stores keep pennies on the counter with a little sign that reads "Need one take one, have one leave one." I can not even tell you how many times I was a penny short the cashier said don't even worry about it.

Here is what I propose. Every one just round off to the nearest nickel. At the max you are either rounding down or up two pennies. If half the time you're rounding up and half the time down the it works out the same without the hassle of having pennies. Think about it.

If I owed a business I would price every thing so that it came out to the nearest nickel after the taxes were added. I know a restaurant that prices everything so it always comes out an even dollar amount. They don't deal with change at all. All it would take is for the federal government to recall all pennies and legalize the rounding to the nearest nickel.