Public School

The biggest problem in public schools today is not the drugs, sex, alcohol or anything involving the the children. It is the intervention of the Federal Government. The public school system of the 1950's produce people that were able to build the space program of the 1960's and eventually get us to the moon. Our Federal Government has increased its involvement every year since the 1950's and test scores have gone down. I remember once during the 1990's they talk about how the SAT scores had gone up but they failed to mention that the test had been made simpler. Then there is that great program "No Child Gets Ahead." As well as the great ideas like so that no ones feelings get hurt we will give everyone something at the award ceremonies. Even my poor spelling ability is partially fault of the Federal Government for when I was growing up they change what technique was used to teach spelling and reading I think at least three times.

One of the biggest interference of the government is when they change public education from a privilege to a right. Thirty years ago when I was in school if your refused to do your work or were a trouble maker they sent you home for a couple of days. If you did not improved they expelled you for the rest of the year. If that did not change your attitude then you could go find some private school that would have. Now what do they do. Teachers spend 7 hours of the school day saying don't do that it is wrong.

What is the fix? Repeal all Federal Government mandates and over three year period reduce Federal Education spending to zero. It would be hard and a lot on the local level would have to change but it want happen.