School Policies

When I was in middle school it was not uncommon for every boy in the school to have a pocket knife. By the time we were in high school most of us had a pocket knife and either belt or boot knife with us at all times. It was just normal to have a knife. One of my elementary teachers had a couple of us boys bring our BB guns to school. Nobody ever misused their knife.

Today they will not even let high school students have a plastic knife to cut their Salisbury steak with at lunch. They don't even give them to teachers. There afraid it will be used as a weapon. That is crazy talk. If you have people that you can't trust with a plastic knife then you have people that can't trust with a pencil and they should not be in the public school at all.

I would spell out a solution but it would take up to much space in the blog. But the simple answer is transition public school back from a right to a privilege.