Netflix How Good Was That Movie

Netflix gives you a choice of five stars and a not interested button for rating movies. The stars are labeled as “Hated It”, “Didn’t Like It”, “Liked It”, “Really Liked It”, and “Loved It”. The problem with those ratings is that the practical meaning is ambiguous. It is easy to say “like” or “didn’t like” but what constitutes the fine line between 1 or 2 stars. I found that I was rating most movies I enjoyed with 3 stars even though there was a varying degree of like. So I had to improve definition of their 5 star rating and add some physical practicality so that from one time to the next I give consistent rating.

“Hated It” means I did not even finish watching the movie.
“Didn’t Like It” means I finished watching it but I did not enjoy it.
“Liked It” means I enjoyed watching it but not likely to ever watch it again.
“Really Liked It” means I enjoyed it so much that I want to see it again.
“Loved It” means I enjoyed it so much that I want to buy the movie.

Now that I have shared this with you I need for every Netflix account holder to go back and update their star ratings to this finer setting. That way we will all benefit from a better tuned recommendation system. After all it is only as good as our ratings are consistent.