Where Oil Really Comes From

Reading an article about a company in Canada pumping carbon-dioxide in the ground got me thinking. I now believe that I have the full revelation about on where oil comes from.

Thousands of years ago interstellar aliens were passing by our solar systems. Unlike the imaginative Star Trek universe real interstellar drives have a waste byproduct. Being a benign race and seeing the simplest creatures living on Earth at the time they decided the safest thing to do was pump there waste into the Earths crust figuring that should intelligent life ever developed on Earth they would be smart enough to know to leave the stuff alone.

Why the Earth and not one of the other planets? Because our Earth was the only planet in our solar system that had fuel for the interstellar drives. A bright yellow thick liquid that they first removed from the rock before they pumped in the waste. Over time the word spread among their race about the Earth's refueling and dump stations. Sadly in a few centuries they depleted the earth of the yellow stuff and replace it with the black liquid we call oil.

So the next time you feel a little guilty about using a nonrenewable energy source remember that you are actually recycling alien waste that was dump on us in the first place.