Samsung Printer Problem

I have tried to get my Samsung printer problem resolved. This is my last hope. I will blog about my troubles and then tweet the blog to Samsung and hope that my voice along with the others who have the same problem will cause Samsung to take notice.

Four months ago I upgraded my computer to Mac OS 10.6. Since then my Samsung CLP-315 requires to be power down between print jobs. Basically when you print a document you then have to either cycle the power on the printer or disconnect and reconnect the USB cable before it will print the next document.

I did my standard troubleshooting. Step one: Google the problem. I was disappointed to learn that many people have this problem and on Apple's discussion board the comments were 9 pages long without resolution. Step two: contact Samsung. After contacting Samsung service by email they replied that I needed to call. So I called and they basically said that it is Apple's fault because of a change in the OS that makes their print driver not work correctly.

But that is not how I see the problem. OS's continue to develop and change and improve overtime. Since Samsung desires that I buy toner regularly to feed my printer then they should update the driver to work with the modern OS. That is what the did for Windows. I bought my printer in May of 2009 and Mac OS 10.6 was released in August of 2009 yet they have not updated the drivers to work with it. I was late to update to 10.6 but if I had updated I would have had this problem sooner.

I have a HP LaserJet 1200 black and white printer that I got back in 2001. It has worked with Mac OS 9, 9.1, 9.2, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 and it continues to work with 10.6. The four toner cartridges for the Samsung printer cost $200. I can get an HP color laser for $250 on sale. Which do you think I am going to do when my cartridges need replacing?

I really have little hope of this being resolved.

**Samsung Issue Resolved**