Standing Desk

It took me over a year to finally get around and do a standing desk. I had read about the health benefits of it many times. It just does not seems like a good idea to sit all the time. Finally in January of this year I made the adjustment.

I wanted to build a desk that I can raise and lower but before I invest that kind of money in a desk I first wanted to try out a standing desk. I had a computer desk that I had built and modified many times and a regular desk. I gave it some serious thought and then I decided it may be ugly but before building a new desk I would just raise the current desks I have and do it on the cheap. The computer desk had pvc pipe for legs so I just bought some more pipe and cut it to the right length for standing. For the tradition desk I just bought some block and scrounged up four pieces of 2x4 and presto it is standing height.

I had been sitting behind a desk for the last 20 years. I expected my body to complain and it did. The biggest problem was not my feet hurting but my left knee. My right knee did bother me but not as much as my left. Now I have been using my temporary standing desk for about three months. I believe that I am now about use to it. Some have asked what do you do if you get tired. The answer is simple on really long days I use a bar stool but I am working towards standing most of the day. Here is a picture of the whole desk.

Not the prettiest set up but it is functional.