62 is The Middle Age

As far as humans go what is old and what is young is a matter of perspective. An 18 year old thinks 40 is old. An 80 year old thinks 40 is young. What you think effects how you feel.

In 2001 I met a man that forever change the way I look at age. From this encounter I decided that middle age is 62. For years I heard that 40 was middle age but I have since past that and I do not feel that my life is half over. Barring any major medical problems I believe I still have more than 40 productive years ahead of me followed by about 40 years semi retirement.

So the next time you start to feel old remember the goal is 124. To depart this world at less than 124 is to not fulfill your potential. (Simple reminder life is not about what you get out of it but about what you put in to it.)