Is Your Web Site In The Way

by @photodash

Today I was doing some research on small trucks. I went to GM, Ford, Toyota, and Dodge’s web sites. All four of them are good example of web sites getting in the way of selling a product. Yes they look great and are full of flash (I hate flash) but finding information is not simple. The first thing they want to do is point you to the nearest dealer. I don’t want to go to a dealer. I not looking to buy a vehicle today or even this year. I just wanted to know the specification on their small trucks.

Why can’t it be as simple as researching a computer. Maybe the automotive companies believe that by obfuscating their information they can force more people to go to a dealer.

If you are in charge of a web site remember that a visually busy page may be entertaining and eye catching but it does not help customers find what they are looking for. A web site needs to be as easy to navigate as an iPad is to use.