Wedding Daze

A while back I was doing some research and found that many weddings use to be done following the morning worship service at the church. At the end of the service the pastor would ask the couple to come forward and a brief service would be conducting as opposed to todays modern extravagant production. Back then the vow to one another was the most important thing. Today the event appears to be the most important. Brides and grooms please remember that it is the vows that you are making to one another that you are to honor with the rest of you life. When the day is over it is the vows that will help your marriage survive not the beauty of the day. Enjoy your extravagant wedding just spotlight the vows. Also remember that the guest are are



One last note to the mothers and mother-in-laws, it is the bride's wedding so bite your tongue when she wants to do her wedding a different way than you would do it.