Mr. Dasher or Mr. Jessie

I was corrected a while back about calling people by Mr. or Mrs. First Name. I was told either you know a person well enough to call them by their first name or you don't and you need to use salutation and last name. Now that may be the PROPER way to do it but it may not be the best way.

My name is Jessie I prefer for people to call me by that. At church I know all the children well and they have known me for years. I don't want them to call me Mr. Dasher. I would prefer them to call me Jessie but parents feel their children need to use the Mr. So I am Mr. Jessie and I am okay with that and I have done the same with my children. And if this affends the rules of ediquite then it is time to amend them. When children start college they can skip the Mr. After all in the family of God they are my brothers and sisters and you don't use a salutation or a tittle with a brother or sister.

Let's dig a little deeper. They did not call Jesus Mr. Anything. They called him Jesus and we still call him Jesus. Yes, he is Lord and sometimes we call him that but he approves of Jesus. Paul was called Paul. He did not go by Mr. Anything or Dr. Whatever. He was called Paul. He signed his letters Paul. I think that maybe we have gotten a little hung up on titles in our society.

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