People Are Like Software

The are some who believe that people are basically good and there are others who believe that people are basically bad. I put forward the idea that all have the potential for doing good or bad and all are broken (Biblical world view).

All of the mainstream computer software used today has bugs in it. Whether it is the OS or an application. The bugs do not stop us from using it. They just get in the way. Sometimes your computer crashes and sometimes the app just quiets unexpectedly. As time progresses the manufacturers make patches that fix some bugs.

People are the same. We come into this world not a perfect clean slate but immature and buggy. As we grow parents, teachers and others instill in us bug and security patches. Hopefully making us better but not always. Even God steps in and makes some major upgrades and patches if we humble ourselves before him. So the next time you see someone doing things that are wrong or will cause themselves harm don’t think them a loss cause but someone in need of an upgrade.

One caveat just like a data file can be so corrupt that you can’t retrieve the information form it so to are some people. Everyone else is in danger so long as that person is free.