What would you do to fix the Post Office?

I got involved in a Google+ question about the U.S. Post Office and my answer got away from me. Decided to copy and paste it in my blog.

"Having several friends who work for the Post office and doing bulk mail a couple of times a year has giving me a slight inside look as well. It could be fixed but it would required concession by management, carriers, contractors and the customers. But sadly each group only wants you to change the other three and leave them alone.

1. Do away with non-profit discount, many of us customers would not like this especially all political organizations.
2. Cut out two days of bulk mail trucking. Bulk mail still moves on Sundays and causes Mondays to be more difficult for carrier's because they have to deal with two days of bulk mail. Contractor would not like this they would only run 5 days instead of 7 days of mail.
3. Cut out either Saturday or Monday delivery. Carrier fear this because of the potential of three days of Bulk mail to deal with. #2 would fix this. Carriers still would not like this because of less hours or less carriers would be needed.
4. Reduce management and number of paid grades. You can guess who would not like this. From top person to the bottom person on the org chart should be six or less.
5. Simplify the bulk mail pricing. It is just way to complicated. I suspect that some skirt the amount they should pay because of the complexity.
6. Be prepared to make more changes because society is moving away from paper mail.

I probably should have just stopped at the first paragraph because these solution along with others will never be implemented because each group is more concern about benefiting themselves than benefiting the nation."

The postal service has not always existed and therefore does not have to always exist. It is darn handy but it needs to be fluid so that it can change with the times. Currently because of its structure it will never be proactive to the changes it needs to make but only reactive and therefore the question "What would you do to fix the Post Office?" will be asked for decades to come.

Note: a Steve Jobs personality type with the authority of a corporate CEO could turn the Post Office around in 3 years and have most people happy about the changes in five years.