Evil Double Standards

A few weeks ago I watched an interview of an actor who's work I have enjoyed and probably will enjoy his future works. He was opened about the fact that as a homosexual he is offended by the Bible verse Leviticus 18:22 and that when he stays in a hotel he rips that page out of the Bible. He went on to declare how proud he was that he has inspired others to do likewise. Even the interviewer seemed delighted in the telling of his tradition.

It is not the fact that he is an open homosexual that bothers me. What bothers me is the blatant acceptance of vandalism. Lets turn it around. Suppose it was a Christian staying in a hotel and on the wall was a painting portraying two men lock in an embrace. The offended Christians cuts the picture out of the frame and throws it in the trash. The Christian would probably be charged with vandalism and hate crime but certainly would not be praised on national television and would be condemned in public opinion if he encouraged others to do so.

It seems to me a rational man would say that they are both vandalism and that is not acceptable. You don't like the Bible stick it in a drawer and ignore it. You don't like the painting hang a towel over it. But do not vandalize other peoples property nor encourage it.

If you think one is justified and the other is not then you are intolerant. The tolerant man says the hotel owners has the right to display his view.