I Detest Google Instant Search

I love most Google products but instant search is not one of them. It drives me crazy. I don't know which is worse that as I type it keeps flashing the screen as it tries to guess what I am looking for or that it limits search results to 10. For some reason it turns on every few days. You search for help turning it off the answer keeps coming back to you must be clearing your cookies. Not that I can find. But should cookies matter if I am longed in. Why can't Google see hay every time Jessie searches for something he turns of instant search and sets search results to 50 maybe we should quite turning it on. Today I turned it off and saved my settings. Went back to Google search and it was on again.

If Google would bother reading their own help forum they would see that a lot of people have this issue. It would not surprise me that some people have just given up. Now Google offers instant search option on images. That is not going to end well but at least it is opt-in. Why isn't it opt-in for web search as well.