Rules for Talking to Yourself

I feel the need to lay out rules for talking to yourself. Some people seem to be embarrassed by getting caught talking to themselves. They should not be embarrassed. So to help civilization I here by formally lay down simple rules for talking to yourself in print and electrons.

Rule 1. It is okay to talk to yourself. The human race is a very verbal race. Many people when reading even subvocalize the words as they read them and process them as if they were listening to what is being read. I think this is why audiobook are growing in popularity. In my high school they taught us to read our writings out loud to help us catch errors. By talking to yourself you put thoughts into words and get to hear what you are thinking! This is a great way to fully examine a situation or project or problem or anything. You are bring more of you mind into the conversation. So talk to yourself.

Rule 2. It is okay to ask yourself question. Role playing has been recommended for decades and what better way to get at the root of an inquiry than to put yourself on the witness stand and drill yourself with the questions. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish when you ask yourself the tough questions. Even in small projects asking yourself should I do A or B first may lead to valuable time savings for just addressing it early on.

Rule 3. It is not only okay but expected that you answer the question you ask yourself. If rule 1 is true and rule 2 is true then rule 3 is a no brainer. It to must be true.

Rule 4. Respect the ambient noise level with yourself conversations. For example when in a library or other quite situation keep the conversation level down to soft whisper or subvocalize. When outside if you need to yell. If anyone looks at you funny just know that they are jealous that they don't have the courage to talk to themselves in public. Point them here so they can get the education and encouragement to talk to themselves.

Rule 5. Your are developing a problem if you ever say to yourself "Pardon me what did you say?" or similar words. When you have trouble understand conversations with yourself it is time to seek help outside your own head.

Five simple rules. I hope they free you from the embarrassment of talking to yourself. Go forth and converse.