Vanderbilt University Leaders Acting Crazy

Christian are all upset because of a new rule that forbids student groups at Vanderbilt from restricting leadership positions in student groups based on sex orientation or religion. You can read more about that at Baptist Press.

This kind of rule cuts many ways. Not only by their rule can an atheist be the baptist student union leader but a fundamentalist can be the local skeptic club head. Not to mention the die hard male chauvinist now running for chairman of the lesbian fellowship and the pro lifer on tract to be president of the pro choice group. Am I the only one to see that such a policy is nuts that who ever thought this was a good idea needs to be reprimanded. Student groups form around common ideas. You can't demand that a group reject some of its ideals just so that anyone can be a part of the group.

Any time we try to silence those who's opinion differs from ours we become the intolerant bad guy. My conspiracy senses tell me this rule was driven by a hidden agenda without the realization that it cuts both ways or how it makes Vanderbilt the bad guy. My optimism hopes that it was a group of good hearted but misguided leaders who made a dumb rule and will quickly resend it. But my optimism is cowering over in the conner having been beaten by my conspiracy sense.