Mac OS 11

As Mac OS X is currently at version 10.7.4 and soon to advance to 10.8 some wonder when will Apple announce Mac OS 11. Mac OS X is a radical change at the core level from its predecessor OS 9. OS X added new tricks and flash to the user interface but it is still a point and click operating system. Mac OS X did not change the way people used computers or thought of computers it just made the experience better.  

But what about 11. I tell you it is already here and Apple calls it IOS 5 and or you can visualize it as OS 11.5. IOS has changed the way people think of computers. IOS and OS X may share much of their core but IOS user interface and operation (no user facing file system) is as different to OS X as the core of OS X is to OS 9. Mac OS 10.8 will add more IOS like features. You can expect Mac OS X to morph into IOS (11). It would not surprise me to see a Mac OS 10.10 before we see a product called Mac OS 11. So you can stop wandering about 11 and maybe start dreaming of 12. Which will be called Apple OS and run on all their hardware from the phone to the desktop.

Note: I did miss the way you could use Apple menu in OS 9 to launch Apps versus the dock in OS X but I now I find Launchpad an IOS transplant to OS X superior to both the menu and the dock.