Jessie's Rules

These are rules that guide me. They are not rules that I expect others to live by except for rule 3. I have not sorted them in order of importance. Rule 3 is the most important. These are not all the rules that guide my action.

Rule 1. It is my lie I can tell it the way I want.

Rule 2. Never tell a lie that anyone would believe.

Rule 3. Love people.

Rule 4. Just because you think it is wrong or right does not make it so. See rule 8.

Rule 5. You can't trust the news. Example "Shocking revelation, half of all kids score below average on standardize test. More at 6:00." There are two lies in the quotes.

Rule 6a. Remember many Christian are often timid about the subject sex so try not to scare them when you teach about God's gift of sex.

Rule 6b. Some people are afraid of the word "sex" scare them. See 6a.

Rule 7. If you can imagine it so can your children so don't be naive.

Rule 8. Every one draws a line in the sand on what is wrong and what is right. Draw the line where God does.

Rule 9. Don't post anything on the internet that you would not say in front of your mom or the President. Just picture your mom and any President of the U.S. sitting at a table with you. If you don't feel comfortable saying something in front of them or showing them a certain picture then you don't need to post it on the internet.

Rule 10. No business has your finances as their primary concern.

Rule 11. Don't loan family money. If you can afford it give it to them. If you can't then don't and don't let it bother you.

Rule 12. Don't let people pressure you into a decision. Especially family. If they really love you they will be patient.