Christian Sex Resources

After a recent conversation I was made aware that some Christians have a desire to know what God says about sex but find that many other Christians treat sex as a taboo subject. To help people understand here are resources that I recommend. You can always use my contact page to get my direct views.


This should be our first resource. In the Bible three sections sum the positives of sex that we Christians should not be afraid to talk of in public.

Genesis 1:27,28
God created sex and blessed it. Sex is a gift from God.

Song of Solomon (the whole book)
It is appropriate for married couples to explore and indulge in sex even if it is just to please one another.

1st Corinthians 7:3-5
God commands married couples to have sex.

Other Books

Sexual Intimacy in Marriage by William Cutrer and Sandra Glahn
Birds and Bees, A Conversation About God, Sex, And Sexuality by Gregg Matte


Warning: Internet sites are dynamic and changing. Typos can also take you to the wrong site. Be careful. These sites are good sources for quick answers to specific questions. They all use the Bible as their primary source for what is right and what is wrong but that does not mean that they fully agree with one another. - A balance site. The kind I wish that I had the literary skill to write. - Published by the Focus on the Family group. It is very conservative. - This site encourages you to keep sex fun and enjoyable in a Christian marriage.

Remember that in the end the only person that you are accountable to is God.