Put Down the Phone

You could ask any of my friends, I love technology and the convinces of tech but risking your life is crazy. When you are in the car leave your phone alone. There is no need to text, check email, or carry on a long conversation. When you talk on the phone and ignore you passenger annoy them.

If your life is so busy that you feel you have to conduct business while driving then you are to busy. Cut out something or hire a driver and get more work done. Most people are not that busy they just have something they feel they need to say. Think about all the things people tell you. Now average out how important you find that information. That is how import your stuff is to them.

While I am at put down the Whopper and the taco. Maybe you want a quick snack. I get sometime I do to but get something that is not messy. Looking down and cleaning your shirt is just dangerous as texting.

A good thing to do in the car is to think. Think about your day and what your really need to do or what you really need to say to someone. Just talk to God and thank him for your blessing. If you have passengers listen to them. Your mouth does not have to run all the time.

I don't think we need outlaw this behavior. It is my understanding that every state that has enacted a law forbidding texting and driving the number accidents involving texting has gone up. If someone is driving home at night and sees a blue light in her mirror I want them to be able to call 911 and verify that it is a cop. The best reason that we don't need a law is because laws don't fix stupid. You know I am right.

Really consider what you do behind the wheel of car. The life you save maybe your own.