Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage is not a liberal / conservative question. It is about doing what is right. $7.25 is not enough. The proposed $10.10 is based on inflation calculation. Some have argued that the propose is based on an inaccurate inflation value. It is a numbers game they are playing and it is ridiculously sad. My position is that $10.10 is a good target for June of 2016. (June 2014, $8.20; June 2015, $9.15).

By my own calculation from my first job in 1984 making $3.35 if minimum wage kept with inflation it would be $8.67 now. Back then it was behind the inflation curve.

I urge everyone do your own research and if you agree then put pressure on your congressmen and senators. To call your one congressman and two senators will only take fifteen minutes. I did it this afternoon.