Am I the only one annoyed by the inconsistency between Twitter on the iPhone and on the iPad. The fact that the menu moves from the bottom of the iPhone screen to the left side on the iPad is understandable. They are making the most use of the space. What is annoying is the menu options change. The iPhone has timelines, notifications, messages and me. On the iPad instead of messages they have discover and they hide messages on the me page. On iPhone you get to list by me > settings > lists. On the iPad it is me > scroll down > lists. There is no good reason they could not made it the same.

Technically timelines on the iPhone is not the same as home on the iPad, even though it uses the same icon. Timelines gives you a left/right slide between home, discover and activity. On the iPad to get to activity you have to go to discover, it is under trending.

The only thing I can figure is that even though it is a universal app the interface was done by two different people. It would be nice to be able to force the iPad to use the iPhone interface.

It is the little things like this that will be the end of Twitter.

(Please forgive the grammar and spelling. It was near midnight when I posted this rant.)