A Search for the President

I have not abandoned my blog. I just have not had time to write or a topic. Then again it is mainly for my own enjoyment anyway. Now I have a few minutes and a topic. Today another Republican announced their bid for the 2016 Presidency. In my thirty years of voting history I don't recall ever seeing so many from one party decide to run. I wonder what we should make of this.

I was going to make a list of things I think this indicates is wrong with the Republican party but that is kind of negative piece and all the people I know can already see what the problems are. So instead I hope to start a new positive movement in looking for a Republican candidate. This is going to have to come from the people for it is obvious it is not going to be fix at the top.

What we need?

  1. She needs to be a woman with attitude, the kind of attitude the character Georgia Byrd had in Last Holiday during last third of the movie.
  2. It does not matter what her ethnic background is but she should be a single divorced mother who has put at least two kids through college. She can have more kids than two. One finishing high school would be a plus for we could be sure she understands the real problems with the American education system.
  3. She should be self made. Having struggled for all that she has because that is the norm for most Americans.
  4. A few years in the military service would be a plus.
  5. She should be a born again Christian. A genuine Christian that is filled with love for people, all people not just Christians. Not a hate mongers the media always splashed across the TV or the newspaper.
  6. She should be politically attractive to both the Libertarians and the Constitutionalist. (more balanced than a lot of the current Republican hopefuls)
  7. She should be blunt, willing to call out politicians being the problem instead of being part of the solution.
  8. Her directness and honesty should be such that congress is afraid of her.
Now these are just few qualifications but I think you get the picture. Some where out there is a woman that is mayor of a city not because she wanted it but because her friends made her mayor. In the four years she has been mayor the city has moved from the red to the black, the old guard fearing her have either retired or fallen in line. One of her friends has said "I wish you would run for president" and she said "I would not have the job." That is who we need to find. Someone when nominated of the other nominees resign.

Let's find her.