Not Our Enemies

I am so tired of the us versus them mentality that has crept into Christians. I believe very strongly that Jesus died to bring peace between God and me. I gladly call men and women that believe likewise brothers and sisters. But brothers and sisters we are not supposed to be the ones persecuting people. Jesus does not care that some secular company is not putting Christmas on their cups or that another company calls them holiday trees. We are not guard dogs sent to protect the holidays.

We are people that have sinned against a holy God. We deserve to be eternally separated from Him. The only difference between us and them is that by His grace we have been given faith to believe in Jesus. We are commanded to be Jesus' loving hands to those who don't yet know that grace.

Today, I had a misunderstanding with an acquaintance that I think I have straightened out. The thing is, the misunderstanding probably would not have occurred if some devout yet misguided brothers and sisters were not stirring up trouble. Brothers and Sisters, we are making it hard to proclaim the love of Jesus.

People who don't believe that Jesus is the Lord and Savior are not our enemies. They are our mission field. They don't need our condemnation. They need Jesus' love.