Spend Time Wisely: Christian Prospective

Here we are just a month into 2016. By the time you finish reading this article it will be December of 2016. Okay, not really but time does fly by fast. The older you get the faster it goes. The question is as a disciple of Christ are you making that time count.

How do you make time count? It is how you spend it.  For example: spending time reading your Bible, spending time praying, spending time worshiping God, spending time in fellowship with other believers, spending time with family, spending time ministering to others, or spending time witnessing to your neighbor is time well invested.

I bet your are starting to get the idea. Let’s press deeper. Sitting at home watching TV news all day is not spending time wisely. You only need enough news to inform you prayer time. Spending time with a friend with just a little Bible talk is a better choice. Helping a shopper move a sheet of plywood from the cart to his truck in the Lowe’s parking lot followed with a “God bless you” is way better than sitting in a room sulking over what you don’t have.

Remember time is a commodity that is spent whether you want it or not. Spend it wisely.