China Rocket

Funny how the world turns. Today, China launched two astronauts on a 30 day mission to the Chinese space station. The United States has to buy seats on a Russian rockets to get astronauts to the International Space Station. It has been this way since NASA had to retire the Space Shuttles. The USA use to be the leader in technology. Now the world is a pretty even playing field.

That is the thing about technology. It spreads easily and rapidly. Rockets are incredibly complicated machines. Getting people into space requires a lot of people from many different trades and all of it is reproducible by any nation that desires.

Not just a nation, recently Elon Musk, an American entrepreneur, revealed his plans for a 2025 city on Mars. It is a very ambitious plan but if he succeeds he may find China already has a colon on Mars.

In 2025 I will be 58 years old. I would consider a mission to Mars even at that age. I think a technology astute pastor would be a useful thing in a Mars colony.

(Correction: The launch happened on Monday October 17, not Sunday 16th. Changed text from Yesterday to Today.)