God's View

Some people have trouble understanding the sovereignty of God over the universe. To them it seems odd that an all powerful and all knowing God would enjoys watching history unfold and even permits evil actions to occur. There are many men that have taken up the Bible to explain this but I going to try a different approach.

I enjoy the movies “The Princes Bride” and “The Fifth Element”. There are bad things that happen in each movie that I don’t like. Some that I wish I could change but the bad things are necessary to the story. How can the hero know that he is a hero if he does not have to over come an obstacle. I know exactly how  each story will progress and end. Yet I enjoy re-watching both movies. I have seen them numerous times.

In a way God has written all of history. Even the bits that are still our future. He is enjoying watching his creation story unfold even though He knows the outcome. His hero’s in His story give Him glory and that makes Him smile. Those heroes may be like David when he faced Goliath. Or they may be like a man who passes out food to hungry people. Yes, there is evil that He does not like but He must permit it for the story to unfold to the conclusion He desires. Which is the return of Jesus.

I hope this helps you understand God’s view of the world a little better.