The Growing Common Sense Scarcity

Today as I scanned the news I found a story about a US college student that was removed form an airline flight on April 9th because (drum roll) he was talking to his uncle on the phone in Arabic. Apparently a passenger got scared because she could not ease drop on his conversation and just assumed the worst. They should have removed the reporting passenger as well so that after FBI finished questioning him, she could apologize for putting him through that situation.

Can you image the precedent we are setting when person A can tell a flight attendant person B said something bad and person B gets pulled off the plane and question without any repercussions to person A.

According to the MSN article this the 6th time this year. So apparently we are setting a bad precedent. I understand that we do need people to report suspicious behavior but we need a check on peoples fears or this will get out of hand.

BBC Article

MSN Article