CD RW Drive Life Lesson

My computer is a 2010 Mac Mini. It is equipped with a SuperDrive. This allowed me to watch DVDs, listen to CDs and make my own DVDs/CDs. Somewhere around 2013 the internal SuperDrive ejection mechanism broke so I bought an LG external drive. It has served me well. Today I fired it up and it died.

At home I have a 2002 IOmega CD drive. I used it for years attached to another computer. When that computer reach the end of it's life I just stored it in box. The specs on the IOmega drive are not near as good as the SuperDrive or the LG drive. It's read speed is like 25% of the other two.

IOmega's performance over the other two drives is stellar. Because even though it's slow at reading the CD it is at least reading the CD whereas the other to just sit and spin.

Many times I have save old computer equipment because it still functions it's just been replaced by something better. This time that old hardware came through for me.

There's a life lesson in this. Just because you feel old and slow doesn't mean that you are useless. Because if the new and fast ain't working then you're working circles around them.