Blooming Good Time

Blooming Good Time.jpg

It has been four months since hurricane Michael wrecked havoc on Callaway Florida. As far as restoring buildings, and property back to pre storm conditions, we are years out. There are still hundreds of homes in our county that need to be bulldozed. I guess that about ¼ of the homes, which equates to about 15,000 units, are not safe to live in. You just can’t believe the number of people living in campers in their front yard while figuring out what to do with their homes.

But nature doesn’t care. My azaleas are blooming like crazy. They bring beauty to the area. Many plants are staring to bloom. Soon no-one will notice the crushed forests for they will be covered over with green vines (see note). I predict that nature will swallow the destroyed wild areas faster than man will be able to restore the developed areas. For now I for one am glad to see the flowers.

Note: This part of Florida has a wild grape variety that grows on every thing that does not move. It would give the kudzu of Georgia a run for its money.