MoviePass has expired. I never really thought it was going to survive. Movie chains are huge and it was to easy for them to change their model to adapt lessons learned from MoviePass. Movie chains are going to have to change as many people like me would just prefer to watch a movie in the comfort of their own home on their big screen with their inexpensive popcorn and drink. The last movie I went to had like 10 minutes of commercials before the movie started. I am not talking about the ones they run while you wait for the start time. The movie was scheduled to start at 2:30 but it did not start until 2:40.

Uber is on the same path. They have never made money. Last I knew they were still paying half the cost of people’s rides. I think they hoped for self driving cars to save them but they will not be here soon enough to save Uber. Perhaps Uber will last just long enough to force the taxi to adopt Uber’s improvements.