Stop Taking Quizzes on Facebook

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I have been telling people for years that you should not take quizzes on facebook. They are offered by companies to get information from you so they can sell it. It has now come to light that not only do these companies get to scrap your data (not just the answer to the questions you give them) but they get to scrap all your friends data.

So stop taking quizzes. Don't do it. It doesn't matter if they promise to tell you the comic book character you are most like. Just say no.

While we are on the topic of facebook don't share a story you have only read the the tittle to. I mean why are you telling everyone they need to read something you have not read.

Spend Time Wisely: Christian Prospective

Here we are just a month into 2016. By the time you finish reading this article it will be December of 2016. Okay, not really but time does fly by fast. The older you get the faster it goes. The question is as a disciple of Christ are you making that time count.

How do you make time count? It is how you spend it.  For example: spending time reading your Bible, spending time praying, spending time worshiping God, spending time in fellowship with other believers, spending time with family, spending time ministering to others, or spending time witnessing to your neighbor is time well invested.

I bet your are starting to get the idea. Let’s press deeper. Sitting at home watching TV news all day is not spending time wisely. You only need enough news to inform you prayer time. Spending time with a friend with just a little Bible talk is a better choice. Helping a shopper move a sheet of plywood from the cart to his truck in the Lowe’s parking lot followed with a “God bless you” is way better than sitting in a room sulking over what you don’t have.

Remember time is a commodity that is spent whether you want it or not. Spend it wisely.

What is does it take to change you, words or a rod?

Wisdom is found on the lips of him who has understanding, But a rod is for the back of him who is devoid of understanding. (Proverbs 10:13-13).

Another way to word this Proverb: Sometimes words are not enough.

So that you know, I am not saying we need to beat people with a rods.

Over the course of my adult life I have seen how people respond when told their behavior or actions are wrong. The wise listen and adjust their behavior. The ones devoid of understanding, they lose everything they own. Or they drive all their family away from them. In some cases they have continued to the point they ended up serving a jail sentence. Some of those get release, continue their bad behavior and wind up in prison. It is the rod of lose, or the rod of prison that corrects their behavior.

I find this sad. I hope all that read this are wise.

Weight Loss and Marriage

I have lost 30 pound in the last year. I still need to loose a lot more. Some have asked me how I have done it. My method is nothing special just eat less and exercise. This is something I have been trying to do for more than ten years. So why has it started working in the last year. My view has changed.

This morning I was struck with a revelation on how marriage and weight loss are similar. Many people approach marriage as, if this does not work out I will just get a divorce. You are setting yourself up for failure. Big problems are going to come into your marriage and in order to get through them you have to believe the marriage is important. Not something to be tossed aside.

Weight loss is the same. Many people hop on a diet thinking if I don't get the result I want I will move on. They are setting themselves up for failure. You are going to hit plateaus in your weight loss. You are going to have set back. What you have to decide is the long term benefit is worth the permanent change in your diet.

The principle here is that a good objective requires work and sacrifice. You want a good marriage, you have to work at it. You want to be healthy, you have to work at. You want a quality education, you have to work at. Work and sacrifice does not mean you will achieve your objective but a lack of work and sacrifice guarantees your failure.

Put Down the Phone

You could ask any of my friends, I love technology and the convinces of tech but risking your life is crazy. When you are in the car leave your phone alone. There is no need to text, check email, or carry on a long conversation. When you talk on the phone and ignore you passenger annoy them.

If your life is so busy that you feel you have to conduct business while driving then you are to busy. Cut out something or hire a driver and get more work done. Most people are not that busy they just have something they feel they need to say. Think about all the things people tell you. Now average out how important you find that information. That is how import your stuff is to them.

While I am at put down the Whopper and the taco. Maybe you want a quick snack. I get sometime I do to but get something that is not messy. Looking down and cleaning your shirt is just dangerous as texting.

A good thing to do in the car is to think. Think about your day and what your really need to do or what you really need to say to someone. Just talk to God and thank him for your blessing. If you have passengers listen to them. Your mouth does not have to run all the time.

I don't think we need outlaw this behavior. It is my understanding that every state that has enacted a law forbidding texting and driving the number accidents involving texting has gone up. If someone is driving home at night and sees a blue light in her mirror I want them to be able to call 911 and verify that it is a cop. The best reason that we don't need a law is because laws don't fix stupid. You know I am right.

Really consider what you do behind the wheel of car. The life you save maybe your own.

Jessie's Rules

These are rules that guide me. They are not rules that I expect others to live by except for rule 3. I have not sorted them in order of importance. Rule 3 is the most important. These are not all the rules that guide my action.

Rule 1. It is my lie I can tell it the way I want.

Rule 2. Never tell a lie that anyone would believe.

Rule 3. Love people.

Rule 4. Just because you think it is wrong or right does not make it so. See rule 8.

Rule 5. You can't trust the news. Example "Shocking revelation, half of all kids score below average on standardize test. More at 6:00." There are two lies in the quotes.

Rule 6a. Remember many Christian are often timid about the subject sex so try not to scare them when you teach about God's gift of sex.

Rule 6b. Some people are afraid of the word "sex" scare them. See 6a.

Rule 7. If you can imagine it so can your children so don't be naive.

Rule 8. Every one draws a line in the sand on what is wrong and what is right. Draw the line where God does.

Rule 9. Don't post anything on the internet that you would not say in front of your mom or the President. Just picture your mom and any President of the U.S. sitting at a table with you. If you don't feel comfortable saying something in front of them or showing them a certain picture then you don't need to post it on the internet.

Rule 10. No business has your finances as their primary concern.

Rule 11. Don't loan family money. If you can afford it give it to them. If you can't then don't and don't let it bother you.

Rule 12. Don't let people pressure you into a decision. Especially family. If they really love you they will be patient.