Am I the only one annoyed by the inconsistency between Twitter on the iPhone and on the iPad. The fact that the menu moves from the bottom of the iPhone screen to the left side on the iPad is understandable. They are making the most use of the space. What is annoying is the menu options change. The iPhone has timelines, notifications, messages and me. On the iPad instead of messages they have discover and they hide messages on the me page. On iPhone you get to list by me > settings > lists. On the iPad it is me > scroll down > lists. There is no good reason they could not made it the same.

Technically timelines on the iPhone is not the same as home on the iPad, even though it uses the same icon. Timelines gives you a left/right slide between home, discover and activity. On the iPad to get to activity you have to go to discover, it is under trending.

The only thing I can figure is that even though it is a universal app the interface was done by two different people. It would be nice to be able to force the iPad to use the iPhone interface.

It is the little things like this that will be the end of Twitter.

(Please forgive the grammar and spelling. It was near midnight when I posted this rant.)

Bluetooth Headset

Have you ever began to talk to someone and then realize that they are already in a conversation with someone on their Bluetooth headset? If not you will. Bluetooth is fantastic for hands free cell phone operation. They however need a call indication light. That way someone can see you are on a call before they start talking to you.

Several times I have come home and my wife was listening to someone on her Bluetooth and I interrupted because I could not tell. I happen to come in at the right moment when she was listening. A blinking blue light would have kept me from interrupting.

Here is what I propose. All photo cameras should go click when they take a picture, even the digital. All video cameras should have a red light on when recording. All Bluetooths should have blinking blue light when in a call but I am not going to hold my breath on this happening.

Things That Bug Me: Movies With Giant Logic Plot Holes

Yesterday I watched the movie Apollo 18. It is of the found film genre like The Blair Witch Project. It was made on a small $5,000,000 budget and grossed $25,000,000 but it was not very good. What makes it not so good is the gaping hole in the plot. Supposedly in the movie there was a secret Apollo 18 mission, alien moon life is discovered, it kills one of our astronauts on the moon, the other barely escapes back to moon orbit where he is killed, his lunar module crashes into the CSM killing the third astronaut in orbit and we are watching an edit of the 84 hours of footage the astronauts recorded on 16 mm film. Problem how did we get the footage from the moon. There are some on the internet who suggestion that Apollo 19 retrieved it, or the CSM was only damage but made it back to earth. I don't care how it gets back it just needs to be stated in the movie. If you tell me at the beginning of the movie that this film was found you better allude to how it makes it way from the moon to earth when all the astronauts are dead and the ship is destroyed.

When will movie makers learn that movie goers can be on the edge of their seats through a hole movie and if there is a gigantic logic plot problem at the end it will spoil the whole movie? It is not that every question has to be answered in the movie but you do have to answer the crucial ones to the plot. Everyone may not notice the hole, even professional reviewers may not mention it but it leaves an unsettle conscience. Which affect the opinions of the watchers and the amount of money the movie makes in case any movie makers every read this.

This is the same problem the movie Reign of Fire has. I so enjoyed that movie right up until the producer creates the problem of were did the female dragon come from. If you have not seen it, I am about to ruin it for you. A lone male dragon is awaken from hibernation, soon the world is swarming with dragons killing and burning everything, we discover that they are all female except for the first one who has been fertilizing their eggs and if we kill him the dragons will die out. You see the problem right. If not you probably need to add more caffeine to your diet.

I Detest Google Instant Search

I love most Google products but instant search is not one of them. It drives me crazy. I don't know which is worse that as I type it keeps flashing the screen as it tries to guess what I am looking for or that it limits search results to 10. For some reason it turns on every few days. You search for help turning it off the answer keeps coming back to you must be clearing your cookies. Not that I can find. But should cookies matter if I am longed in. Why can't Google see hay every time Jessie searches for something he turns of instant search and sets search results to 50 maybe we should quite turning it on. Today I turned it off and saved my settings. Went back to Google search and it was on again.

If Google would bother reading their own help forum they would see that a lot of people have this issue. It would not surprise me that some people have just given up. Now Google offers instant search option on images. That is not going to end well but at least it is opt-in. Why isn't it opt-in for web search as well.


You can't label yourself tolerant if your not willing to tolerate those with different opinions than yours.

Bugs me when person A complains person B is intolerant because B will not modify his view to tolerate A's. It is person A that is being intolerant of B's view. B may not even claim to be tolerant. A either needs to drop the idea that he is tolerant or understand that it means letting B have his view in peace even if he does not tolerate A's. #myonecent

The Penny Has Got to Go.

I do believe that our money has so inflated that it is time for the penny to be gone. You can drop a penny on the side walk and chances are that nobody will stop and pick it up. I have dropped a penny and decided it was not worth the chase. Many stores keep pennies on the counter with a little sign that reads "Need one take one, have one leave one." I can not even tell you how many times I was a penny short the cashier said don't even worry about it.

Here is what I propose. Every one just round off to the nearest nickel. At the max you are either rounding down or up two pennies. If half the time you're rounding up and half the time down the it works out the same without the hassle of having pennies. Think about it.

If I owed a business I would price every thing so that it came out to the nearest nickel after the taxes were added. I know a restaurant that prices everything so it always comes out an even dollar amount. They don't deal with change at all. All it would take is for the federal government to recall all pennies and legalize the rounding to the nearest nickel.

What’s Up with Celebrity Tracking

One thing that I have trouble contemplating is why do so many people care about what celebrities are doing. Magazines, TV shows and web sites dedicated to tracking their movements and activities. It just seems obsessive. I like to watch a good movie but I don’t care about where the actor ate lunch. They are just people of which most of them will never do anything of significance in their lives. A doctor deserves more praise and honor. I say enjoy their work and art but you live a life that you enjoy more than watching theirs.