Hurricane Michael Was a Cat 5


NOAA acknowledges that Hurricane Michael was a category 5. 

Their words, “While there remains uncertainty, based on the data described above NHC’s post-analysis assessment of Michael’s landfall intensity is 140 kt, making the hurricane category 5 on the Saffir- Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale at landfall. “

140 kt is 161 mph. 

You can read their 86 page report below.

Twitter Not So Bad, IF

Twitter Following.png

People that have known me for years know about my on again and off again relationship with Twitter. Well I have finally found, I think, a balance with the use of it. It seems to be working rather well this way. All I do is follow some local, national and international news sites, some of which are visible in the picture. I follow 15 at the moment. I don't follow any individuals, I don't DM anyone and I don't retweet. I don't really tweet anything besides my blog post. It turns out this makes for a rather useful and pleasant Twitter experience. Every morning I scroll through my Twitter feed and see what happened in the last 24 hours. Sometimes I'll check it at night.

So if you find that your Twitter use is raising your blood pressure then maybe you should just unfollow everyone and add back just a few news feeds. Because who really needs 500 hundred retweets in their Twitter stream of the same news article.

Room For Mistakes

Many months ago I went into a McDonald's after exercising. I know those two don't really go together. I was not really paying attention when I entered the rest room. Not seeing the urinal I used a stall. As I was washing I thought how strange this McDonald's does not have a urinal. Thats when it hit me, I entered the wrong rest room. I exited very quickly. Thank God I did not meet anyone in there. Could you imagine what would have happened if I came out of the stall and meet a woman or a child. I probably would not be able to convince anyone that it was a mistake.

This got me thinking one of the problems with the our society today is that there is less room for people to be wrong, make mistake, or goof up. I am not talking about intentional bad actions. If someone on purpose breaks a rule then they need to suffer the consequences of their action. However, we really need to be relaxed understand that people make mistakes without realizing it and not be so hard on people when they do. None of us do everything correctly all the time. We need to give people a little benefit of doubt. Make room in your life for other people to be wrong.


It baffles me why people harass, pick on, make fun of, and condemn other people's views, religion and etc and then they wonder why the other people are harassing, picking on, making fun of and condemning them. When you make people feel threaten they will threaten back. If you want to be respected then you must first respect others. You can disagree with other people's views with out making them feel threaten.