Stop the War on Drugs

We as a nation have been fighting the war on drugs since Nixon was president (45 years). It is time to stop. We are not winning. Worse the war mentality has reshaped the way we train our police so that they think more like soldiers in combat and less like civilian peace keepers.

Before continuing my article I want you to understand that I believe most police officers are good people and don’t want to ever take the life of another human. That is based on the ones that I have met and know. They have a difficult job. [It is difficult mainly because of the War on drugs.]

Back to article.

Citizens killed by police annually is a small number compared to citizens killed by other citizens but that does not make it easy to accept. Last week an officer shot a man who was complying with the officer instructions. It will be months before all the details are put before the public but mark my words he will be found to have followed standard police practice. Just like the officer who shot a teen in 2014 when he answered the door holding a WII remote. Between these two there have been to many questionable deaths of citizens at the hands of the police.

These types of deaths are raising public unrest and causing the police to be mistrusted. Neither of these things is good for this nation. I put before you that the biggest influence in this has been our war on drugs. Even the name suggest violence and many of those citizens murdering citizens incidents have their roots in the war on drugs.

We have dug hole that is so deep that I think it would take 5 to 10 years for use climb out but we still need to end this war on drugs.

The war however will not end until the people demand it. For government bodies do not want to end the war for they have become addicted to the money they get from confiscating property and cash. Drug dealers and pharmaceutical companies don’t want the war to end because you end it by legalizing it. If granny can legally grow some weed in her back yard she won’t have a need for pharmaceutical companies or drug dealers.

My critics would say, “You have over simplified this.” Yes, I have but I tell you when you’ve been doing something for 45 years and the problem is only getting worse, then you are doing it the wrong way. Portugal decriminalized drug possession in 2001 and it is working for them. It is time for us to look for a new way. I am not saying it will be easy or that we need to mirror Portugal’s way but if we don’t change then be prepared for more deaths.

God have mercy on us.

Update: The Growing Common Sense Scarcity

A previous post was about how fear is so dominating our society that we are throwing common sense out the window.

I thought it was bad but no it is worse. An Italian professor and mathematician was taken off a flight after a fellow passenger was concern about the math equations the professor was doodling. The airline apparently felt embarrassed by the situation as least apologized. But not only was the reporting passenger not held accountable for her actions but she disappeared and they don't even know who she is (as of last report).


The Growing Common Sense Scarcity

Today as I scanned the news I found a story about a US college student that was removed form an airline flight on April 9th because (drum roll) he was talking to his uncle on the phone in Arabic. Apparently a passenger got scared because she could not ease drop on his conversation and just assumed the worst. They should have removed the reporting passenger as well so that after FBI finished questioning him, she could apologize for putting him through that situation.

Can you image the precedent we are setting when person A can tell a flight attendant person B said something bad and person B gets pulled off the plane and question without any repercussions to person A.

According to the MSN article this the 6th time this year. So apparently we are setting a bad precedent. I understand that we do need people to report suspicious behavior but we need a check on peoples fears or this will get out of hand.

BBC Article

MSN Article

Something is Fundamentally Wrong in America

A police officer was told by a school principal to not wear his uniform and gun to school when picking up his daughter because it made some of the other parents uncomfortable. What kind of principal would say such a thing. If a parent really did tell the principal that, then the principal should had straighten out the parent. We need more officer showing a visible presents in this country. Am I the only one that notices that when a police car is park next to the road people slow down to the speed limit. Or that when an uniform officer walks into a crowd people act more civilized.

You can read the article here:

Pants Around the Knees.

I don’t know why city leaders are so concern about boys that where there pants around their knees. Yes, you can see their boxers but they still cover everything that is needed to be covered. The way I see it there are some advantages to them wearing their pants that low. They have to keep one hand busy holding there pants up. Which is one less hand to get in trouble with. They can’t run very fast. Which makes it easier to catch them when that other hand gets them in trouble. And I find it comical the way the waddle around. Hay when I was high school people did not like our hair styles and even chuckled at us. Don’t city leaders have more pressing problems than fashion styles of boys.