Hurricane Michael Was a Cat 5


NOAA acknowledges that Hurricane Michael was a category 5. 

Their words, “While there remains uncertainty, based on the data described above NHC’s post-analysis assessment of Michael’s landfall intensity is 140 kt, making the hurricane category 5 on the Saffir- Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale at landfall. “

140 kt is 161 mph. 

You can read their 86 page report below.

The United States is NOT a Christian Nation

The United States has the reputation of being a Christian nation. It is just assumed that the majority of Americans are Christians. But that depends on what your definition of Christian is.

One definition of Christian often used by polls is if a person answers yes to the question, “Do you identify as a Christian?” I have seen that the number of self identifying Christians in the United States ranges from 66% to 80%. The latest Pew Research Poll puts the number at 70.6%. From my personal experience that seems like a fair assessment. So with that definition the United States is a Christian Nation.

But calling yourself a Christian does not make you one. A genuine Christian is radically changed by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. They are marked with many new characteristics like love, joy, peace, giving, mercy, Bible study, and fellowship. For this article I am going to focus on two characteristics. Genuine Christians have a deep desire for Bible Study and fellowship with other believers.

Think of it this way, would you say that a man loves a woman if he doesn’t like her body and her mind? How can a person love Jesus if he doesn’t like Jesus’ body, i.e., fellowship with other Christians, church attendance, and small group meetings? How can a person love Jesus if he doesn’t like Jesus’ mind, i.e., the Bible, group and personal Bible study?

Many claim that around 40% of Americans attend church regularly. That would mean that the United States is not a majority Christian. In all the places I have lived, I have never seen a rate of 40% regularly church attendance, unless what you call regularly is attending once a year.

A 2005 study revealed that weekly church attendance of Americans is at 17.7%. Weekly attendance does not make you a Christian but it is a good sign. The number of people that attend two or more weekly services drop off to a third of that in my observations at 5.9%. Now there are some genuine Christians that only attend one service a week. It may be job, health or a lack of discipleship that hinders them from attending more often. That puts the genuine Christians in the United States at some where between 6% and 17%. That means that the United States is NOT a Christian Nation.

The majority (53% to 64%) of the United States is folk Christians. Folk Christianity is a thin veneer of Christian terminology slapped on top of a thick base of personal relativism. Sadly, the folk Christians are the ones that make the most noise. They are more concerned about boycotts, protests and passing special interest laws than about making disciples, which is a genuine Christian concern.

Be of good cheer, rejoice for even though genuine Christianity is a minority in the United States, Jesus is still Lord over all. His is able to save as many as come to Him.




A Search for the President

I have not abandoned my blog. I just have not had time to write or a topic. Then again it is mainly for my own enjoyment anyway. Now I have a few minutes and a topic. Today another Republican announced their bid for the 2016 Presidency. In my thirty years of voting history I don't recall ever seeing so many from one party decide to run. I wonder what we should make of this.

I was going to make a list of things I think this indicates is wrong with the Republican party but that is kind of negative piece and all the people I know can already see what the problems are. So instead I hope to start a new positive movement in looking for a Republican candidate. This is going to have to come from the people for it is obvious it is not going to be fix at the top.

What we need?

  1. She needs to be a woman with attitude, the kind of attitude the character Georgia Byrd had in Last Holiday during last third of the movie.
  2. It does not matter what her ethnic background is but she should be a single divorced mother who has put at least two kids through college. She can have more kids than two. One finishing high school would be a plus for we could be sure she understands the real problems with the American education system.
  3. She should be self made. Having struggled for all that she has because that is the norm for most Americans.
  4. A few years in the military service would be a plus.
  5. She should be a born again Christian. A genuine Christian that is filled with love for people, all people not just Christians. Not a hate mongers the media always splashed across the TV or the newspaper.
  6. She should be politically attractive to both the Libertarians and the Constitutionalist. (more balanced than a lot of the current Republican hopefuls)
  7. She should be blunt, willing to call out politicians being the problem instead of being part of the solution.
  8. Her directness and honesty should be such that congress is afraid of her.
Now these are just few qualifications but I think you get the picture. Some where out there is a woman that is mayor of a city not because she wanted it but because her friends made her mayor. In the four years she has been mayor the city has moved from the red to the black, the old guard fearing her have either retired or fallen in line. One of her friends has said "I wish you would run for president" and she said "I would not have the job." That is who we need to find. Someone when nominated of the other nominees resign.

Let's find her.

End Biannual Time Change

Please contact your senator and representative. Let's end this madness. It is really very easy. The two links below will help you find them. Mine had a web form to contact them by.

Sample text for email, letter or web form:
It would be useful if you would end the spring and fall time change. I don't care wether we keep the summer or winter schedule but stop the madness.


Second Paragraph but First Priority

We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness

That Is the second paragraph of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. I think the most important paragraph in U.S. history. It is what our constitution is trying to protect.

Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage is not a liberal / conservative question. It is about doing what is right. $7.25 is not enough. The proposed $10.10 is based on inflation calculation. Some have argued that the propose is based on an inaccurate inflation value. It is a numbers game they are playing and it is ridiculously sad. My position is that $10.10 is a good target for June of 2016. (June 2014, $8.20; June 2015, $9.15).

By my own calculation from my first job in 1984 making $3.35 if minimum wage kept with inflation it would be $8.67 now. Back then it was behind the inflation curve.

I urge everyone do your own research and if you agree then put pressure on your congressmen and senators. To call your one congressman and two senators will only take fifteen minutes. I did it this afternoon.

Candidacy for President

I am officially announcing my candidacy for President of the United States. I teach people that they should not complain about something unless they are willing to get envolved with the solution. So I am ready to climb into the pigsty that we call America Politics and do my best at cleaning up. Personally I would rather be king because I am not sure that the President has enough power to clean up Washington but we don't have that option here.

It will take 5 to 8 years to turn the nation around. And another 5 for it to settle in the correction. By the time I get through making all the change necessary in the first 5 years I will have made everyone mad. If we stay true to the corse I set in 10 years we will have a federal government that we can trust to uphold what I consider that most import sentence ever written concerning government. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." With the chief idea being the Right to Pursue Happiness. This is the purpose of the Federal Government.

Political Stance
I am a cross between Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party. It would greatly help my campaign if both parties would endorse me as their candidate.

World Policing
It is not the job of the United States to police all the world governments. It is time for us to work our hands out of so many countries. If the people of a nation what us involved in their political process then they need to vote to become an official territory of the US and subjugate themselves to all our laws or we need to get out of their land. You can not force democracy on people. If they are not willing to fight for it themselves then they will not keep it.

The federal government is to far removed from where education happens to effectively manage it. It is time for the federal government to withdraw from public education and put the control and responsibility back in the hands of the local community. You could probably write an encyclopedia on how the federal government has hurt education but I think nothing is more telling than teachers who criticizes one federal mandate as "no child gets ahead" program. I would encourage state government to also withdraw much of their control particularly on eighth grade and down.

I am well aware that this approach will lead to some very poor school systems and we will need develop a way of helping those school systems change. The current approach of meet certain goals or your funding is cut is not working nor will it ever.

War On Drugs
What a waste of money. We need to just decriminalize drug use. I think Portugal's approached to the problem is way better than ours. Instead of having to go to jail if you are caught high you have to go to rehab.

Nuclear Power
I am for it. Since my grandfathers generation built nuclear power plants that have operated 50 years without a major accident surely with all our tech we can build a simpler and safer plant. However I don't believe that it is our answer to all our power needs. We need to invest in renewable power as well.

Taxes should be collected at the level of use. It does not make since for the federal government to tax people then filter the money back to their local use through the state, county and city. For example all money paid to support the community fire department, police department and education should be raised from community taxes. If it is best managed by the state like road infrastructure then the that would be funded by a state wide tax. Federal taxes should be a simple percentage for income for individuals and corporations with no loop holes. A simple percentage national sales tax should also be implemented. There also needs to be a 10% tax on all money transferred out of the nation. It should be possible for anyone with an eighth grade education to see exactly where he is being taxed and how that money is being used and all local, state and federal agencies must be completely open in where they spend tax money.

In order for me to accomplish all the correction needed I will need you to put pressure on your congressman to support me.

Separation of State and Marriage

As we approach another presidential election you are going to hear more hopla over protect marriage in America. People will keep saying this is the way the government should define marriage and others will say this is the way. I think all of them are arguing over the wrong question. The question is "Should the federal, state or local government have anything to do with marriage?" The answer is no. Marriage is a private ceremony at the minimum and a religious ceremony to most. (My personal view is it ordained by God.) Who can and can't married is the responsibility of the adults that are getting married not the state.

People should not need a license from the state to marry. I have some good meaning Christian friends who thank I am wrong about this but I would point out that you have not always had to have a license. That it is a modern creation. We humans get used to doing things a certain way and think that is the way that have to be done. No.

Some would object to this separation of state and marriage because government sanctioned marriage comes with civil protection and benefits. If couples wanted to they could go to a lawyer and draw up civil contract that joins their assets and gives each other power of attorney. People do something similar now they just call it a prenuptial agreement. They could do this before or after or even in lieu of a marriage ceremony. On the flip side people could marry in a religious ceremony without combining their assets. This would end one thing that I find reprehensible, people get married in front of minister and then divorce in front of a judge.

Another objection is because it would mess up our current tax laws without government sanctions marriage. They are already a mess. The above civil contract could replace the married filing jointly or even better adopt a simple straight percentage for tax. The tax law could be fixed so that the net income of family is not effected by a lack of government sanctions marriage.

Some may raise an objection because of health insurance? You can get it for your spouse but you would not be able to without  marriage. That is simple all insurance companies would have to allow coverage of you +1 instead of you +spouse. At least then a single mom could get insurance for her 30 year old child who has Down syndrome. Some insurance companies are already doing this.

You could probably find other objection to the separation of state and marriage but if you read this far you are capable to think of simple solutions like above for your objection.