I have been learning to manage my eating better so that I can loose weight. It has taken me a year to loose 20 pounds. I hope to loose another 20 this year. Which brings me to the topic of diets.

There are trillions of book on what is the best diet that we humans should eat. Every last one of them claim to be the definitive work on the subject as if God handed the book to the author saying this the way I designed you. Some pull their data from science studies, some from history, some from religious background, some from personal experience but most a combination of these sources. The problem is none of the books agree. They do seems to work for some people but not all.

When I was a child there was four food groups forming a square. Now there is a food pyramid. Next there will be a food circle (I like pie). If I could I would ban the publishing of diet books until 65% of all doctors, scientist, and health professional agreed on the definitive work and they had the data to back it up. However until such time my plan is to eat less, eat responsible, be more active and enjoy life because you just don't know what the future holds.

So Many Thoughts

I have so many thoughts that I would like to blog about but I don't know where to actually begin. Let us deal with that comes to mind as I walk my cool down lap. Contemplate on how much exercise you get. If you have a job like me where you spend most of your time sitting then when you get off work you really need to spend much of your evening exercising. You can work your mind real hard behind a desk but you need to work the body as well. I have been behind a desk so long that my Achilles tendons do not flex enough. I have waited way to long to start but if the LORD is willing I will continue until the day I die. One last thought spiritual health is far more important than physical health.