Interpreting Doctor's Advice

water drop.jpg

Dr., "drink more water."
Me, "okay, I will buy some bottle water on the way home."
Dr., "no, bottle water is bad for you."
Me, "okay, tap water it is."
Dr., "no, to many water treatment chemicals."
Me puzzled, "okay, my mom has a well."
Dr., "no, contains to many metals and possible bacteria."
Me really puzzled, "there is a stream in the woods."
Dr., "no, animals pee in that."
Me really really puzzled, "what water am I suppose to drink?"
Dr., "oh I don't care. Just makes sure it is clean."

I came up with a plan on my way home. The next time it rains I will stand outside with a funnel in my mouth. I smile at my genius as I sip my diet coke.

Jessie's Rules

These are rules that guide me. They are not rules that I expect others to live by except for rule 3. I have not sorted them in order of importance. Rule 3 is the most important. These are not all the rules that guide my action.

Rule 1. It is my lie I can tell it the way I want.

Rule 2. Never tell a lie that anyone would believe.

Rule 3. Love people.

Rule 4. Just because you think it is wrong or right does not make it so. See rule 8.

Rule 5. You can't trust the news. Example "Shocking revelation, half of all kids score below average on standardize test. More at 6:00." There are two lies in the quotes.

Rule 6a. Remember many Christian are often timid about the subject sex so try not to scare them when you teach about God's gift of sex.

Rule 6b. Some people are afraid of the word "sex" scare them. See 6a.

Rule 7. If you can imagine it so can your children so don't be naive.

Rule 8. Every one draws a line in the sand on what is wrong and what is right. Draw the line where God does.

Rule 9. Don't post anything on the internet that you would not say in front of your mom or the President. Just picture your mom and any President of the U.S. sitting at a table with you. If you don't feel comfortable saying something in front of them or showing them a certain picture then you don't need to post it on the internet.

Rule 10. No business has your finances as their primary concern.

Rule 11. Don't loan family money. If you can afford it give it to them. If you can't then don't and don't let it bother you.

Rule 12. Don't let people pressure you into a decision. Especially family. If they really love you they will be patient.

Rules for Talking to Yourself

I feel the need to lay out rules for talking to yourself. Some people seem to be embarrassed by getting caught talking to themselves. They should not be embarrassed. So to help civilization I here by formally lay down simple rules for talking to yourself in print and electrons.

Rule 1. It is okay to talk to yourself. The human race is a very verbal race. Many people when reading even subvocalize the words as they read them and process them as if they were listening to what is being read. I think this is why audiobook are growing in popularity. In my high school they taught us to read our writings out loud to help us catch errors. By talking to yourself you put thoughts into words and get to hear what you are thinking! This is a great way to fully examine a situation or project or problem or anything. You are bring more of you mind into the conversation. So talk to yourself.

Rule 2. It is okay to ask yourself question. Role playing has been recommended for decades and what better way to get at the root of an inquiry than to put yourself on the witness stand and drill yourself with the questions. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish when you ask yourself the tough questions. Even in small projects asking yourself should I do A or B first may lead to valuable time savings for just addressing it early on.

Rule 3. It is not only okay but expected that you answer the question you ask yourself. If rule 1 is true and rule 2 is true then rule 3 is a no brainer. It to must be true.

Rule 4. Respect the ambient noise level with yourself conversations. For example when in a library or other quite situation keep the conversation level down to soft whisper or subvocalize. When outside if you need to yell. If anyone looks at you funny just know that they are jealous that they don't have the courage to talk to themselves in public. Point them here so they can get the education and encouragement to talk to themselves.

Rule 5. Your are developing a problem if you ever say to yourself "Pardon me what did you say?" or similar words. When you have trouble understand conversations with yourself it is time to seek help outside your own head.

Five simple rules. I hope they free you from the embarrassment of talking to yourself. Go forth and converse.

Candidacy for President

I am officially announcing my candidacy for President of the United States. I teach people that they should not complain about something unless they are willing to get envolved with the solution. So I am ready to climb into the pigsty that we call America Politics and do my best at cleaning up. Personally I would rather be king because I am not sure that the President has enough power to clean up Washington but we don't have that option here.

It will take 5 to 8 years to turn the nation around. And another 5 for it to settle in the correction. By the time I get through making all the change necessary in the first 5 years I will have made everyone mad. If we stay true to the corse I set in 10 years we will have a federal government that we can trust to uphold what I consider that most import sentence ever written concerning government. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." With the chief idea being the Right to Pursue Happiness. This is the purpose of the Federal Government.

Political Stance
I am a cross between Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party. It would greatly help my campaign if both parties would endorse me as their candidate.

World Policing
It is not the job of the United States to police all the world governments. It is time for us to work our hands out of so many countries. If the people of a nation what us involved in their political process then they need to vote to become an official territory of the US and subjugate themselves to all our laws or we need to get out of their land. You can not force democracy on people. If they are not willing to fight for it themselves then they will not keep it.

The federal government is to far removed from where education happens to effectively manage it. It is time for the federal government to withdraw from public education and put the control and responsibility back in the hands of the local community. You could probably write an encyclopedia on how the federal government has hurt education but I think nothing is more telling than teachers who criticizes one federal mandate as "no child gets ahead" program. I would encourage state government to also withdraw much of their control particularly on eighth grade and down.

I am well aware that this approach will lead to some very poor school systems and we will need develop a way of helping those school systems change. The current approach of meet certain goals or your funding is cut is not working nor will it ever.

War On Drugs
What a waste of money. We need to just decriminalize drug use. I think Portugal's approached to the problem is way better than ours. Instead of having to go to jail if you are caught high you have to go to rehab.

Nuclear Power
I am for it. Since my grandfathers generation built nuclear power plants that have operated 50 years without a major accident surely with all our tech we can build a simpler and safer plant. However I don't believe that it is our answer to all our power needs. We need to invest in renewable power as well.

Taxes should be collected at the level of use. It does not make since for the federal government to tax people then filter the money back to their local use through the state, county and city. For example all money paid to support the community fire department, police department and education should be raised from community taxes. If it is best managed by the state like road infrastructure then the that would be funded by a state wide tax. Federal taxes should be a simple percentage for income for individuals and corporations with no loop holes. A simple percentage national sales tax should also be implemented. There also needs to be a 10% tax on all money transferred out of the nation. It should be possible for anyone with an eighth grade education to see exactly where he is being taxed and how that money is being used and all local, state and federal agencies must be completely open in where they spend tax money.

In order for me to accomplish all the correction needed I will need you to put pressure on your congressman to support me.

62 is The Middle Age

As far as humans go what is old and what is young is a matter of perspective. An 18 year old thinks 40 is old. An 80 year old thinks 40 is young. What you think effects how you feel.

In 2001 I met a man that forever change the way I look at age. From this encounter I decided that middle age is 62. For years I heard that 40 was middle age but I have since past that and I do not feel that my life is half over. Barring any major medical problems I believe I still have more than 40 productive years ahead of me followed by about 40 years semi retirement.

So the next time you start to feel old remember the goal is 124. To depart this world at less than 124 is to not fulfill your potential. (Simple reminder life is not about what you get out of it but about what you put in to it.)


I have been learning to manage my eating better so that I can loose weight. It has taken me a year to loose 20 pounds. I hope to loose another 20 this year. Which brings me to the topic of diets.

There are trillions of book on what is the best diet that we humans should eat. Every last one of them claim to be the definitive work on the subject as if God handed the book to the author saying this the way I designed you. Some pull their data from science studies, some from history, some from religious background, some from personal experience but most a combination of these sources. The problem is none of the books agree. They do seems to work for some people but not all.

When I was a child there was four food groups forming a square. Now there is a food pyramid. Next there will be a food circle (I like pie). If I could I would ban the publishing of diet books until 65% of all doctors, scientist, and health professional agreed on the definitive work and they had the data to back it up. However until such time my plan is to eat less, eat responsible, be more active and enjoy life because you just don't know what the future holds.