Christian Sex Resources

After a recent conversation I was made aware that some Christians have a desire to know what God says about sex but find that many other Christians treat sex as a taboo subject. To help people understand here are resources that I recommend. You can always use my contact page to get my direct views.


This should be our first resource. In the Bible three sections sum the positives of sex that we Christians should not be afraid to talk of in public.

Genesis 1:27,28
God created sex and blessed it. Sex is a gift from God.

Song of Solomon (the whole book)
It is appropriate for married couples to explore and indulge in sex even if it is just to please one another.

1st Corinthians 7:3-5
God commands married couples to have sex.

Other Books

Sexual Intimacy in Marriage by William Cutrer and Sandra Glahn
Birds and Bees, A Conversation About God, Sex, And Sexuality by Gregg Matte


Warning: Internet sites are dynamic and changing. Typos can also take you to the wrong site. Be careful. These sites are good sources for quick answers to specific questions. They all use the Bible as their primary source for what is right and what is wrong but that does not mean that they fully agree with one another. - A balance site. The kind I wish that I had the literary skill to write. - Published by the Focus on the Family group. It is very conservative. - This site encourages you to keep sex fun and enjoyable in a Christian marriage.

Remember that in the end the only person that you are accountable to is God.

Separation of State and Marriage

As we approach another presidential election you are going to hear more hopla over protect marriage in America. People will keep saying this is the way the government should define marriage and others will say this is the way. I think all of them are arguing over the wrong question. The question is "Should the federal, state or local government have anything to do with marriage?" The answer is no. Marriage is a private ceremony at the minimum and a religious ceremony to most. (My personal view is it ordained by God.) Who can and can't married is the responsibility of the adults that are getting married not the state.

People should not need a license from the state to marry. I have some good meaning Christian friends who thank I am wrong about this but I would point out that you have not always had to have a license. That it is a modern creation. We humans get used to doing things a certain way and think that is the way that have to be done. No.

Some would object to this separation of state and marriage because government sanctioned marriage comes with civil protection and benefits. If couples wanted to they could go to a lawyer and draw up civil contract that joins their assets and gives each other power of attorney. People do something similar now they just call it a prenuptial agreement. They could do this before or after or even in lieu of a marriage ceremony. On the flip side people could marry in a religious ceremony without combining their assets. This would end one thing that I find reprehensible, people get married in front of minister and then divorce in front of a judge.

Another objection is because it would mess up our current tax laws without government sanctions marriage. They are already a mess. The above civil contract could replace the married filing jointly or even better adopt a simple straight percentage for tax. The tax law could be fixed so that the net income of family is not effected by a lack of government sanctions marriage.

Some may raise an objection because of health insurance? You can get it for your spouse but you would not be able to without  marriage. That is simple all insurance companies would have to allow coverage of you +1 instead of you +spouse. At least then a single mom could get insurance for her 30 year old child who has Down syndrome. Some insurance companies are already doing this.

You could probably find other objection to the separation of state and marriage but if you read this far you are capable to think of simple solutions like above for your objection.

Wedding Daze

A while back I was doing some research and found that many weddings use to be done following the morning worship service at the church. At the end of the service the pastor would ask the couple to come forward and a brief service would be conducting as opposed to todays modern extravagant production. Back then the vow to one another was the most important thing. Today the event appears to be the most important. Brides and grooms please remember that it is the vows that you are making to one another that you are to honor with the rest of you life. When the day is over it is the vows that will help your marriage survive not the beauty of the day. Enjoy your extravagant wedding just spotlight the vows. Also remember that the guest are are



One last note to the mothers and mother-in-laws, it is the bride's wedding so bite your tongue when she wants to do her wedding a different way than you would do it.