Recap 2016

2016 is almost over and what a year it has been. Many people and organization will be publishing their recaps of 2016. They will cover topics on the deaths of movie stars and musicians that we will miss, political changes like the opening of business between the United States and Cuba, and the most violent acts of the year. For me the two biggest events are: 

One, my wife going through dozen of medical test culminating in the scare something might be wrong with her heart and having to have a heart catheterization. I thank God that all is well with her heart.

Second, maybe I am the only way that sees it like this but we elected a reality TV star to the office of President. Decades ago we elected an actor but that was after years of him being in politics. This guy literally jumps from TV to President. I believe he actually proves that old saying that anyone can be President.

As for 2017 I am hoping it is a boring year. Things like people are less violent, wars are on the decrease, politicians run their mouths less, the economy is stable, and people are just more tolerant of one another. Here’s hoping and may God bless you in the upcoming year.

Something That Amazes Me About Mail

I like our post office system but it amazes me that I receive so much junk mail. Everyone that I know throws their junk mail in the trashcan. So if everybody throws their junk mail away in a trashcan without reading it why do companies keep sending junk mail. If they didn't stamps would cost a lot more but still who is responding to junk mail and why. I guess the same people that responded to those emails that try to get you to smuggle money out of another country.

Leaving Tumblr

I really like the presentation of tumblr as a blog. I really wanted it to be my main social network. Have it feed my Twitter and Facebook. Tumblr does work good with Twitter but so does Blogger. Facebook access is nice but tumblr post on Facebook don't look as good as native Facebook post. It is not tumblr fault, Facebook just wants it all native and degrades non native post.

So I will keep my Blogger account for long form public post.

My Twitter account for following news sites. Twitter and Flipboard make a great news reader on an iPad.

My Facebook for contact with friends and family.

My Google+ account because of it's link to Blogger and Youtube. I really wish all my friends would switch to Google+.

Out of Touch

The other day I saw a humorous post the basically said any tech existing when you are born you consider part of life, any invented before you are thirty-five you adapt to and accept, any invented after thirty-five you are like "why are they messing things up." Around the same time I saw an article written by an over sixty gentleman that while he reconized the benefit of cell phones he still blamed them for the failure of personal relationships. These two things made me think how I see that it is very easy the older you get to become out of touch with the world.

I have heard older people complain about kids texted. They seem to think they should just call. They don't get technology. It doesn't matter what it is, email, Facebook, computers or even DVR's. It was all inviented after they had their routines down and they think it is a waste of time. Funny thing is the telephone, tellevision, radio and even the automobile had people expressing their dislike for them for the same reasons. If you listen you can still here the echoes of their voices, who wants to call some one when you can write them a letter or why do you need to go faster than a horse? Sounds like crazy talk now but some Luddite said it.

Me, I am nearly fifty and I love new tech, so I don't think I will be a Luddite. They have a more serious problem than just not liking new tech. They mistakenly blame it for social ills. Cell phones do cause some parents to neglect their children as the cell phone article author expressed. Parents have been neglected their children since the beginning of time. A parent on a cell phone at the dinner table is no different than one who read the newspaper at the dinner table.

In the article the author wrote cell phones have removed our down time because we are always connected. When you think about how connected does an office phone, home phone and pager make you. Which I am sure the author had before his cell phone. I remember the days of being on the highway and getting a text. I then had to find an exit and a pay phone. I much per the cell phone. My cell phone has off switches and I know how to use it.

Then there is the most serious expression of dislike for change. It is in the Christian churches. It is revealed in the mentalty, "I don't care what the young people want to do, it just needs to stay the way it is until after I am dead." Which only has one result. It runs off the young people so that it stays the same until the church is no more. Oh, it is never vocalized like I wrote it. No they are to subtle for that. They question why of each detail like a five year old until you give up in frustration, say no to spending money when it is not their idea, make there dislike known by frowning profusely, poking fun at what another church is doing so they make their opinion known they don't want it to happen here, sometime they just pull the pastor aside privately to express their dislike.

Dislike of change is really a failure to adapt. It is why many of the Christian churches, the Georgia Baptist Convention and the SBC are struggling. In just what I have lived through: the church, GBC and SBC have been late to adopt television, late to adopt VCR's, late to adopt computers, late to adopt CD players in computers, late to adopt the internet, and late to adopt cell phones. Even now our adoption of smart phones is behind the curve.

I am use to pointing out a problem and then offering a solution. This time the solution is bigger than a few simple paragraph's. So I will just tackle part. Go to the local wireless carrier and get a smart phone for you and your spouse. Transfer you home number to the cell phone of which ever one of you used it the most. Learn to text. Start a prayer chain at your church using text. Text you grandkids.

Of course the problem with this solution is that the ones that need to do this don't read blogs. Most of the time less than two people in the world read this blog.

What is does it take to change you, words or a rod?

Wisdom is found on the lips of him who has understanding, But a rod is for the back of him who is devoid of understanding. (Proverbs 10:13-13).

Another way to word this Proverb: Sometimes words are not enough.

So that you know, I am not saying we need to beat people with a rods.

Over the course of my adult life I have seen how people respond when told their behavior or actions are wrong. The wise listen and adjust their behavior. The ones devoid of understanding, they lose everything they own. Or they drive all their family away from them. In some cases they have continued to the point they ended up serving a jail sentence. Some of those get release, continue their bad behavior and wind up in prison. It is the rod of lose, or the rod of prison that corrects their behavior.

I find this sad. I hope all that read this are wise.

Weight Loss and Marriage

I have lost 30 pound in the last year. I still need to loose a lot more. Some have asked me how I have done it. My method is nothing special just eat less and exercise. This is something I have been trying to do for more than ten years. So why has it started working in the last year. My view has changed.

This morning I was struck with a revelation on how marriage and weight loss are similar. Many people approach marriage as, if this does not work out I will just get a divorce. You are setting yourself up for failure. Big problems are going to come into your marriage and in order to get through them you have to believe the marriage is important. Not something to be tossed aside.

Weight loss is the same. Many people hop on a diet thinking if I don't get the result I want I will move on. They are setting themselves up for failure. You are going to hit plateaus in your weight loss. You are going to have set back. What you have to decide is the long term benefit is worth the permanent change in your diet.

The principle here is that a good objective requires work and sacrifice. You want a good marriage, you have to work at it. You want to be healthy, you have to work at. You want a quality education, you have to work at. Work and sacrifice does not mean you will achieve your objective but a lack of work and sacrifice guarantees your failure.

Things That Bug Me: Movies With Giant Logic Plot Holes

Yesterday I watched the movie Apollo 18. It is of the found film genre like The Blair Witch Project. It was made on a small $5,000,000 budget and grossed $25,000,000 but it was not very good. What makes it not so good is the gaping hole in the plot. Supposedly in the movie there was a secret Apollo 18 mission, alien moon life is discovered, it kills one of our astronauts on the moon, the other barely escapes back to moon orbit where he is killed, his lunar module crashes into the CSM killing the third astronaut in orbit and we are watching an edit of the 84 hours of footage the astronauts recorded on 16 mm film. Problem how did we get the footage from the moon. There are some on the internet who suggestion that Apollo 19 retrieved it, or the CSM was only damage but made it back to earth. I don't care how it gets back it just needs to be stated in the movie. If you tell me at the beginning of the movie that this film was found you better allude to how it makes it way from the moon to earth when all the astronauts are dead and the ship is destroyed.

When will movie makers learn that movie goers can be on the edge of their seats through a hole movie and if there is a gigantic logic plot problem at the end it will spoil the whole movie? It is not that every question has to be answered in the movie but you do have to answer the crucial ones to the plot. Everyone may not notice the hole, even professional reviewers may not mention it but it leaves an unsettle conscience. Which affect the opinions of the watchers and the amount of money the movie makes in case any movie makers every read this.

This is the same problem the movie Reign of Fire has. I so enjoyed that movie right up until the producer creates the problem of were did the female dragon come from. If you have not seen it, I am about to ruin it for you. A lone male dragon is awaken from hibernation, soon the world is swarming with dragons killing and burning everything, we discover that they are all female except for the first one who has been fertilizing their eggs and if we kill him the dragons will die out. You see the problem right. If not you probably need to add more caffeine to your diet.

What Are You Living For?

As a Christian I have long been aware of the personal application of Hebrews 9:27.

"And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment


I tell you though even before I was Christian I was well aware of the first part men die once. It does not matter about your political views, your religious views, your wealth, or your health you will one day exit this world. If cremated your ashes will be scattered and forgotten or place in a jar and lost. It is no better if you prefer to be buried for even cemeteries in time die and are forgotten like the one pictured. Another decade or two it will be lost.

I don't mean for this post to be morbid I am just making clear that no matter what your best effort is some day you will no longer be remembered.  Which then brings me to the title. What are you living for? The Princes Bride aficionado will answer true love but actually each person must decide this for themselves. For me the answer is so that I will hear my love Jesus tell me one day "Well done good and faithful servant." This is achieved by loving my neighbor as myself. For those around me this means they are to see in me a person that truly cares for them and desires to be a positive influence in their lives. Some would say I am foolish for believing in Jesus but setting my belief aside is it not still a good thing to love the people around you as much as you love yourself. Once again I ask you what are you living for?

Note: I don't do good because I think it will earn me a reward. I do good because I love Jesus and want him to be proud of me the same way a child that loves his parents wants to please them and make them proud.